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Blog Introduction

I’ve aptly named the blog entries that follow “Wisdom Calling.” Not that I claim to have any personally generated, or particularly clever, or pithy insight; but, for years my practice of daily reading and contemplating the Proverbs has helped instill in me an appreciation for the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge and insight. Likewise, upon the occasion of my fiftieth birthday this year, as I contemplated lessons learned during my years as a professional military officer (now retired), corporate pilot, business owner, Bible study teacher, father of five, and husband of the most beautiful, hard-working woman on this green earth, I decided to share some of my reflections through this blog. My intention and hope for you is that as you read the reflections herein you will be encouraged and helped as you pursue wisdom and understanding to aid and enrich your life in all its contexts.

Many of the stories I’ll share come from the years serving and learning in the context of my life--whether as a military officer or a civilian pilot or business owner. Through the years as I’ve encountered the normal, mundane, and oftentimes tedious daily challenges of life, I sometimes made choices and decisions that I later understood to have been less than optimum. Hence, I’ve sought to consider lessons I could learn that would facilitate making a better preference the next time I encountered a similar situation. I’ve found that even in the midst of peculiar, even bizarre, and unbelievable situations you can often reflect and gain insight that may be of help to you in understanding a prudent course of action to take the next time something like that happens to you. Enjoy, and please send me feedback with your thoughts and reflections.


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